T Re: Yesterday

Yesterday was just crap. You know when you have a day where literally nothing goes right. I went to the gym in the morning, then left on time only to get stuck in traffic. That meant I got home late and despite my best efforts to still leave […]

T Re: The Struggle

One thing I’ve struggled with recently is realising that sometimes in life you get exactly what you want only to realise it is not at all what you need. My decision to work in finance was based on one careers day at school in year 9. The connexions […]

T Re: Sunday

With only 2 days for the weekend, by Sunday, I’m usually on my last dregs of energy. That said, rather than completely veg out for the whole day I make a point of being proactive in sorting out my life and preparing for the week ahead. My Sunday […]

T Re: Laura Mercier

You may remember my post T Re: What’s in My Makeup Bag well since then I’ve added a couple of bits that are now essentials in my makeup routine. Having oily skin, my main struggle is shine. For the longest while it seemed no matter what I did my […]

T Re: My Third Piece

When it comes to fashion, for me it’s all about the third piece. Yes, you can throw on any top and bottom, but the thing that really makes the outfit is what you add to it. Bearing in mind a third piece can be anything, I keep being drawn […]

T Re: Skincare

As part of my whole wellness movement, one of my main goals is clear skin. Luckily, I’m not a sufferer of acne, but I am prone to the odd spot and blackheads. I have combination skin – an oily T-zone, normal cheeks and then a dry chin. You […]

T Re: Saturday

Follow my blog with Bloglovin What a lovely day in London today. Summer woke up again, late as always! I started the day early and met a friend for a 9:30 hair appointment. I mainly went for a trim, but had a blow out as well. I left […]

T Re: Love London

Working in The City definitely has its ups and downs. My main gripes are usually to do with commuting. Hell hath no fury like a Londoner trying to get to work I tell ya! That aside, I can definitely say that there are more perks than pitfalls. Of […]

T Re: Weston-super-mud

The weekend was great. My grandma had a large family dinner rather than her annual BBQ – different but still great. I got to catch up with my cousins, aunts and uncles too. As always the food was amazing, coming from a Caribbean family it’s all curried goat, […]

T Re: My New Car

What an eventful day, well for me anyway. I woke up to beautiful sunshine and let’s face it, recently that has been a bit of a novelty – it’s bloody August! So, let’s be thankful for the small things in life, here here! If you follow me on […]