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T Re: Cyber Weekend

So Black Friday/ Cyber Weekend is nearly over but there’s still time. Here’s a few bits I’ve picked up so far, but it’s important to pace yourself. I don’t think all UK retailers are buying in to this American tradition and they’re certainly not giving the best deals […]

T Re: The Weeks Ahead

So things are set to get busy over the next few weeks. For a start, and dare I say it, but we are l adding up to Christmas and I plan to get very festive this year. I want scented candles, a real Christmas tree, and lots of […]

T Re: The Weekend

It’s set to be a busy one, but let’s start with the weekend. It started straight after work on Friday. I met up with the girls at Foggs Tavern in Soho. I wish I took more pictures. The place is pretty cool with weird and wonderful decor. The […]

T Re: Esmara by Heidi Klum

I have a confession to make, I have been a serial supermarket clothes shopper, and proud of it! This was a habit borne out of convenience, before I discovered online grocery shopping. I used to head down to my local Sainsbury’s superstore and the first thing I’d do […]

T Re: Statement Pieces

I’m always saying I have nothing to wear while staring at a room full of clothes. One thing I’ve learned recently is that while I have a keen sense of style, I’m kinda rubbish at shopping. I’m like a deer in headlights when I walk in to most […]

T Re: Love London

Working in The City definitely has its ups and downs. My main gripes are usually to do with commuting. Hell hath no fury like a Londoner trying to get to work I tell ya! That aside, I can definitely say that there are more perks than pitfalls. Of […]

T Re: My New Car

What an eventful day, well for me anyway. I woke up to beautiful sunshine and let’s face it, recently that has been a bit of a novelty – it’s bloody August! So, let’s be thankful for the small things in life, here here! If you follow me on […]