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Happy Sunday! I hope it’s going well and that you’re able to find some time to plan a great week ahead. Right now planning and general wellbeing are a favourite topic of mine. In terms of my blog, it’s no good me simply promoting how to look good unless we get to the most important part, feeling good. As a matter of fact we need to feel great. I want to live my best life and that means I need to feel like my best self.

So there’s no better place to start than health. Clearly I’m no doctor, but it seems to me, if you want to start refining your life then why not detox first. Out with old and in with the new, rid yourself of toxins and start fresh. I want to feel what my body is like with no additives. So many people have been raving about the benefits of a vegan diet and through this detox I’ll get a taste of that.

I discovered the 12 Day Smoothie Slim Detox on instagram (@smoothieslimdetox). From what I’ve read so far, I’ll basically be making a juice of fruits and veg in the morning and that will pretty much be my 3 main meals for the day. I can also have 2 snacks of a vegetable with hummus or a hard boiled egg. It’s a 12 day detox and though at this point it would feel like cheating, you can also throw in a healthy dinner as an alternative to the smoothie. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing that, but let’s play it by ear.

In terms of why I’m doing this. I am on a mission to cultivate good habits and just be my all round best self. I’m hoping to empower/encourage a few of you along the way to becoming….better, what ever that means for you personally. That said, being healthy is a fundamental part of refinement. It’s not really about size, it’s about being healthy on the inside so you can glow on the outside. I just want to abstain from all the “processed” food I eat and see if there is a noticeable difference.

Obviously, there is the weight loss aspect. While I don’t feel I have loads to lose. After losing around a stone earlier in the year I’d like to do a final push for the last few pounds.

Another aspect, part of a much bigger picture- this represents the start of the true direction of this blog. I’m not sure refinement is necessarily the right word, but health and fitness are only phase one on the journey to a better more sophisticated, chic and professional me. I think there should be more visibly in the media of refined women, while I don’t have anything against the flamboyant, it would be nice to see more sophisticated behaviour for people to emulate.

It’s an entire lifestyle change and of course it won’t happen overnight, but I’ll definitely be documenting the transition here. It would be great to know if you’re working on refining any aspects of your life, comment below.


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