So this post is something close to my heart as it is the very epitome of what I’m trying to work toward, a chic style. I just love the look of sophistication, like you’re that organised person who has their life together. To be manicured and well groomed in a way that is effortless and just to be straight up fabulous all the time.

First of all what is chic? Well the google definition says elegantly and stylishly fashionable. Obviously, there’s a certain amount of subjectivity when putting labels on things, but it does describe the look I’m going for. So how do you curate a chic style?

Attitude – I would say the number one element to anything you do in life is to embody what it is you are trying to be. To me, someone with chic style has a certain confidence you can only get from believing you look great. From feeling comfortable in your own skin. Style choices can be so aligned with your personality. For me, especially in a work environment, my aim is to appear confident even though at times I’m literally dying inside. It engenders trust and let’s those around you believe you know what you’re doing.

Behaviour – before I move in to the actual style based points I thought it also important to mention, manners. There is nothing worse than someone dressed well with bad manners. It just cheapens the whole look. If you consider royalty, at least in public, they ensure they are courteous, you don’t see them talking down to people and not a hair is out of place. They smile where appropriate and move in a way that shows there’s an order to things. How we behave is often more important than how we look and we should make sure the two match.

Don’t follow the trends – now this is an important one. Chic style is often about elevating basic pieces. The emphasis is on quality and fit. You want to look like the item was made for you. This often means that you pay a little extra for that perfect fit, so it is even more important to be selective in the pieces you go for. You probably won’t want to just jump on the bandwagon of ever trend going. The whole point of being chic is to look like you woke up and just put something simple on, but the outcome is gorgeous, not necessarily like an advert for an 80s revival night.

Follow the trends – I know what I said above, but as I said chic style is all about elevating your outfit. What better way than to take a current trend and express it in a chic way. For example, leopard print is hot right now, if you happened to have a leopard scarf, you could tie that around your bag handle as a nod to the trend, but you’re not compromising your normal style just for the trend.

3rd piece – I wrote a post about this a while back, here, but in terms of outfit elevation adding that one additional item (not your handbag) can really take your outfit to the next level. This could be a hat, belt, scarf and whole bunch of other stuff.

In this post

Body suit – Nastygal

Bag – Laura Ashley at TK MAXX

Shoes – Aldo , old

Jeans – Topshop

Necklace – Pandora – chain and feather pendant

Belt – Nastygal

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