Happy Tuesday, well for some. As mentioned on twitter this morning I kind of woke up vexed. You know those random days when staying under the duvet is more of a public service, we welcome to my Tuesday people, ha! It’s not that bad really and since then I’ve had my morning coconut milk vanilla latte and all is good and right with the world again.

Today I’m talking about jumpers. Gone are the days where donning a jumper would get you a lifetime subscription to nerdville (nerds are cool now anyway), now it seems the more baggy, slouchy and grandad like your outfit, the more fashionable it is. Well there’s a place for that, but I want to take different angle. You see, when you lack curves like I do all that baggy stuff just drowns me out. So while ever one else is going baggy, I’m searching for fitted.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a slouchy jumper just as much as the next person, but they definitely require a bit more styling. I’m talking casual tucking or perhaps a waist belt. Either way, I’ll here’s no casual throw on of a slouchy jumper for me.

Anyway, so how do I go about my chic or more luxury expression of jumper trends, I do fitted, but fancy. For me nothing says luxury more than a nice pattern (usually geometric), straight cuts (love a v-neck), or added embellishments like buttons. I’m very much looking out for these additional details.

Obviously, this is an expression of my personal style and a trend for the season that was perfect for my fancy jumper obsession is animal print. The one I’ve featured here is from Asos. It does have polyester (which I hate) but it’s 50% viscose and 20% nylon so I’ve given it a pass. I find the contrast of the black neckline and cuffs is just that extra bit of detail to kick the chicness up a notch.

Let me know what you think I of this outfit and what your jumper style is for autumn.


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